What are Those Awful, Moldy Smells in My Front-Loading Washer?

What is the fuss about? Everything looks perfectly okay to me – but I smell something dreadful!

Those spiffy front-loading high-efficiency washers are cooler than the other side of your pillow! These machines are a great addition to your washroom, giving you a lot of options, save on water usage, energy, and do a great job of cleaning clothes as well. But… There are some issues with these wonderful washers that may cause you some grief. Your laundry may collect moldy, mildew odors which are transferred to clothing. Alas. How does this happen? Read on.

Because of the low water level, grime, dirt and even skin flakes along with detergents and water softeners do not always fully drain from your front-loading machine. Another disconcerting feature is that residue builds up from using a cold water cycle. Over time, these residues get a moldy odor, and everything you wash takes on that same musty smell.

This Issue is Treatable with Nok-Out. Here’s How:

  • Clean your washing machine. Clean by spraying the interior tub with a fine spray of Nok-Out. Let it drip, or run down the sides of the tub. Wipe with a clean cloth. Repeat, paying attention to the door seals. More about this below.
  • Leave washer door and dispenser open. Often a manufacturer will ask you to leave the washer door and the dispenser drawer open between uses. Mold loves moisture, and as noted above, wherever you notice humidity between washings.
  • Rotate the machine drum. You can also rotate the machine drum regularly to capture any left-over items, or pieces of plastic, etc. Who knows what else is lurking in the laundry?
  • Always remove wet clothes. Never leave wet clothes in the washer overnight!
  • Less is more. Use less detergent than the manufacturer recommends. This will prevent some residue from forming.
  • Use Nok-Out weekly! To prevent odors from forming, use Nok-Out once a week. Gently, lift the door gasket, spray Nok-Out inside on and around the gasket seal, allowing to stay moist for 3-5 minutes Dry completely.

The odor problem in these expensive front-loading machines is unfortunate. The washers do a great job of cleaning your dirty laundry and are very energy efficient. So when that smell comes around and odors permeate your laundry, place 4-8 oz Nok-Out in the wash cycle. It really works. Every time!

This testimonial just came in from a front-loading washer owner just like you. He has a good tip for all of us!

“I wish I had known the downside of a front load washer was soooo down. But I think I have found a way to beat that nasty smell. When I have completed washing for the day I stick a microfiber cloth in the rubber gasket and soak up any water that was left then pull the cloth out. Next I spray NOKOUT in that area and all around the drum and put another cloth sprayed with Nok-Out in the gasket area. And finally, as suggested I leave the door open for it all to air out. So far it has worked well.”

Nok-Out customers come up with the best ideas!

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