Chlorine Dioxide is the power behind both Nok-Out and SNiPER.  It is responsible for both disinfecting and for removing odor, and in fact, is used in water treatment facilities all over the planet for just those benefits. Now, you can enjoy these benefits in your home because this product is pet safe and environmentally friendly.  You can use this product in your home and not worry about leaving a toxic mess behind when you clean. It is easy to apply and comes ready to use.  If you have been searching for an environmentally friendly, pet friendly, people friendly product to use when life leaves you little – or big – messes, then this may be the product you are looking for.

In it’s natural state, Chlorine Dioxide is a gas like helium or nitrogen. As you might imagine, gases are quite difficult for most people to use. For our products, this gas is stabilized into a water base. If you check the ingredients on the SDS, you can see that SNiPER™ is 99.59% water. Historically, no consumer grade product was developed for 3 important reasons. 1) gasses are hard to use – most of us can’t.  2) In its gaseous state, gas Chlorine Dioxide is toxic.  And 3) as a gas, its useful lifespan is measured in minutes. In our formulation, with Chlorine Dioxide stabilized into a water base,  all 3 of those flip-flopped. It went from hard to use gas, to easy to use liquid, from highly toxic to very low toxicity and third, it went from from very short lifespan to a lifespan measured in years and years.

The wikipedia entry(1) for Chlorine Dioxide tells us, “As a disinfectant it is effective even at low concentrations because of its unique qualities.” Also, “Many evaluations have shown Chlorine Dioxide compounds to be non-toxic. Five decades of use have not indicated any adverse effects on health. The main areas of use have been disinfecting water supplies, the elimination of unwanted tastes and odors…”(2)  Now, you can enjoy these benefits in your own home!

How Does Chlorine Dioxide Work?

Nok-Out and SNiPER™ are highly selective oxidizers and work when they come into direct contact with something smelly.  Oxidizers require direct contact with the odor source to be able to do their work. On contact, they oxidize that stuff, thus eliminating that odor permanently.  It takes some time for this oxidization process to occur, so if you were to spray onto a hard surface and then immediately wipe it up, there may not be time for this work to take place. It’s usually best to spray, wipe (to cover the surface evenly) and walk away, allowing it to air dry. It is during this drying time that Nok-Out does it’s work.

Why Should I Use Chlorine Dioxide? Why Not Just Use Bleach?

The dangers of using bleach are well documented. Do a google search for “is bleach dangerous?” and you’ll see!  In the workplace, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires anyone handling bleach to use a mask and gloves when handling this substance. Scientists in a lab wear gloves and mask and have good ventilation when using this substance. Do you take these precautions when cleaning with bleach in your home? Unlike bleach, using ClO2 does not result in by-products that are toxic to wildlife or the environment. That environment includes your home! You can rely upon  Nok-Out or Sniper  to clean and deodorize while not leaving toxins behind.

Remember, bleach is a strongly corrosive material that WILL irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. These dangers are greatly increased when it is mixed with other cleaners, sometimes forming toxic gasses that can seriously damage your health.

Bleach does not kill Mold.  Let me say this again – Bleach does not kill mold.  It will weaken mold, and perhaps make it change color, but it won’t kill it.  SNiPER is documented to both kill mold and the spores on contact.

How is Nok-Out and SNiPER™ Different from Bleach?

In our formulation of Chlorine Dioxide, the technology is a ‘management system’ that manages Chlorine Dioxide in such a way that dangerous by-products do not form. No raw chlorine is ever released. This stabilized formulation is recognized by the EPA as being of very low toxicity in the 4 categories of toxicity they check for us:

Toxicity to:

  • skin – level “IV”  (the lowest rating they allow)
  • eyes – level “IV”
  • be inhaled – level “IV”
  • be ingested – level “IV”

After thorough testing, the EPA has granted us the lowest toxicity rating they give to any disinfectant product.

Is Chlorine Dioxide Environmentally Friendly?

“Because chlorine dioxide oxidizes, but does not chlorinate, chlorinated organic by-products (e.g., THM, HAA, dioxins, furans) typically are not produced. Neither does chlorine dioxide produce appreciable amounts of aldehydes, ketones, ketoacids nor other problematic compounds associated with oxidation of organic matter by other, less selective means.”(3)  Additionally, toxicological studies have shown that Chlorine dioxide disinfection pose no significant risk to human or animals. So yes, both SNiPER and Nok-Out can be considered as being ‘green’.

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – Can I use chlorine dioxide products safely?


Yes you can.  Neither Nok-Out nor SNiPER are known to arouse any allergic response.


Thanks for reading! If you have questions, please send an email to or call 866 551 1927.


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