Picture this. Before us lies your favorite T-Shirt, worn only one and one/half days. Mostly worn inside an air conditioned environment…well, not completely true..there was the short game of soccer played during break yesterday. But mostly, it was an indoor day. Except, well,  the subway ride home. The AC didn’t work so good yesterday, did it?

Back to your favorite T-Shirt. The question is this: Can I wear this T-Shirt one more day?  (Sniff, sniff) Well, good question.  You say: I will only be at the office, in the classroom, behind the counter, (use whatever fits for you!) etc. But, well yeah..maybe it does smell a bit like yesterday’s shirt.

Let’s think about this. Behind that acrid odor is a half dozen chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), “generated by the action of microorganisms on your body, breaking down the components of sweat, human skin cells and secretion substances from the glands,”  written in a new study published in the Journal of Chromatography A. Knowing what causes laundry to smell so badly can assist you when choosing the most effective and ecologically friendly cleaning agents possible. But it won’t tell you to wear that T-Shirt one more day. Only your nose knows!

In a study by Northumbria University, researchers first provided a handful of volunteers with a new pair of socks. Each participant wore the socks for at least 10 hours. A separate cohort of individuals were given T-shirts to sport for two to three hours while participating in a soccer tournament. After completing the predetermined period of wear, volunteers bagged clothing samples for later analysis. Later, these same researchers actually sniffed and graded each article of clothing on a scale of 1 to 10.. (Let’s hope they were paid more than minimum wage!) Six main Volatile Compounds (VOCs) were identified as the main culprits behind smelly T-Shirts.

Washing in a washing machine with top selling detergents decreased the VOCs, but did not effectively remove them. It took major chemicals to achieve total deodorization. Most of these chemicals have been proven to be dirty for the environment, or one regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

There is a Solution to This Issue

There is one product made entirely from organic chemicals that live in our environment, and whose job it is to remove odor! Not only is this product tested by EPA Standards to be totally safe for the environment, and to humans and our pets, BUT IT ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS VOC’S THAT CAUSE TERRIBLE ODORS!   Take a look at one EPA study: http://www.nokout.com/SDS-Nok-Out-Odor-Eliminator.html. This document, if you will wade through all of the testing language,describes how Nok+Out effectively kills odors without harming our environment.

Furthermore, visit  http://www.nokout.com/Odor-Eliminator/.  This link explains the myriad opportunities for applying Nok-Out or its companion – SNiPER – to many common situations…not just that day old T-Shirt!  http://www.nokout.com/home.php

To answer the opening question. Yes. You CAN wear your favorite T-Shirt one more day! Simply spray it with Nok-Out/SNiPER inside and outside, hang to dry, or toss in the dryer, and you are ready to face no smelly odors! Smile, as you do it.
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http://www.nokout.com/Unwanted-Odor-in-Fine-Fabric-and-Clothing.html. Nok-Out/SNiPER has gotcha covered!