During the summer, food, friends, and family all beg to go outside. Al fresco dining is so summertime! However, here are some simple safety tips to make sure you go home happy, filled with memories of good food, fun and fellowship for all – and NO upset stomach.

Perhaps you always wash, rinse and dry all linens before storing them, and certainly before using them again? Great idea – but if you’re like the rest of us…read on!

1. Wash with Nok-Out

If you can, check any linens before you go. When you unpack your linens and cringe thinking, “Is that smell spilt milk, Aunt Julia’s wine, dog pee, or WHAT?” you need Nok-Out right now! Using the pre-wash cycle, add 4 oz of Nok-Out, and no detergent. Then, complete the cycle and dry as usual.

2. Use Directly

Even if stored in a reasonably clean and odor-free closet, drawer or basket, pathogens left over from last summer may acquire a rather nasty odor when you first unpack them. Just shake the table cloth out vigorously, and smell. Any funky odors? If so, spray lightly with Nok-Out.

3. Disinfect and Clean Plastic Items

Spray liberally with Nok-Out, wait a few minutes and wipe. Keep the aroma of fresh salads, sandwiches and BBQ free from any organisms that may have been stored with your picnic supplies!

4. Remove pathogens from your skin

If there is no place to wash your hands, spray them well with Nok-Out to clean. Nok-Out is safe and gentle, leaves no residue, and will not dry your skin. Kids touch everything on the way to the picnic table – and put those fingers in their mouth! Reapply throughout the day.

5. Enjoy!

Lay out the food, and enjoy a purely clean and odor free table service. Yum!

Hey, I’m a dynamite volleyball player. Can I join y’all for some fun? I’ll bring the Nok-Out!

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